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The Challenge

With a large and varied client base across multiple regions, our client needed multiple views to accurately measure profitability and identify the attributes of the income generated. As the trading systems only recorded trades one way, the bank had no way of breaking down the figures to assess the value of individual relationships.

“City Fios has helped us enrich our sales data to a point where we can identify a lot more about client behaviour. We’ve been able to homogenise the way we measure value add across a large geographical area. And, because it’s measured consistently, we can create product rules to give our measurements credibility.”

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Successful implementation of FIOS for International business extended to cover Africa Wholesale business Managed Services function supporting data and processes across 3 Divisions and over 20 countries "The FIOS team brings a huge amount of experience because they have seen it done elsewhere. As an external voice, it is able to cut through the politics and see exactly where the revenue lies."
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