City Fios is a London-based consultancy that specialises in the provision and management of client/sales performance management information for investment banks.

Founded 20 years ago by ex-bankers, we have extensive experience across banking product areas and business functions, and bring a practical and commercial approach to our work.

We have successfully implemented our proprietary software solution, FIOS, in ten large financial institutions, and through our ‘Managed Services’ offering support the day to day running of the system for our current clients.

Our services and software cover all aspects of client/sales performance management, from the technical challenge of combining granular high-volume data from multiple trade and reference data sources into meaningful management information, through the application of suitable calculation and attribution methodologies, to the design of suitable reporting/visualisation mechanisms tailored to the requirements of individual end users of the data.

We would be pleased to discuss what we do in more detail with other firms with an interest in our specialist area.

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