Fios is our proprietary sales and client value tracking system for financial institutions.

Supporting all aspects of sales/client MI functionality, and with a focus on data-driven configuration, it is typically cheaper and quicker to implement than an in-house equivalent.

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We offer a full range of technical services around the system, including initial implementation, on-going maintenance, and delivery of functional or data changes to meet evolving business requirements. Our pay when live fee structure minimises capital outlay and reduces delivery risk.

In our Data Visualisation section you can see how this information can be used. However the key to this effective visualisation of results is a flexible and efficient underlying platform for data capture, manipulation and storage.

It caters for all aspects of client revenue tracking from client set up through trade capture to analysis of sales performance.

  • Quantify client value and sales history
  • Assess individual staff sales performance
  • Track sales revenue to budget and booked P&L
  • Integrate this data with related dimensions such as capital usage, opportunities, and regulatory information.

Where do we see this platform give us clear competitive advantage versus in-house solutions?

  • Our proven, flexible, and scalable system ensures we can implement quicker and cheaper than an in-house equivalent
  • Our best practice data administration tools ensure that we can manage client revenue data with significantly less administrative resources
  • Our reference data driven calculation and attribution engines ensure that we can constantly adapt to business change with significantly less need to make system changes.

Fios Overview

Major Data Dimensions