We offer a comprehensive set of services to help our clients manage their sales and client performance data.

These are:

  • Implementation, support and on-going enhancement of our proprietary sales/client MI Software solution.
  • On-going administrative support for sales/client MI processes through our Managed Services offering.
  • Ad hoc data analysis and advisory services as Consultancy in our niche area.

These services complement each other. For example, our day to day experience as providers of Managed Services provides insights into evolving industry themes and best practice that informs our Consultancy work; and our Consultancy assignments often leverage our Software assets to support prototyping / requirement definition and data analysis.

We work closely with our clients, developing a deep understanding of their organisation, franchise and key stakeholders for sales/client MI. This helps us to ensure that the report ing processes that we implement and support deliver the right information to the right people in the format they need to do their jobs

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