City Fios

Fios is our proprietary sales and client tracking system for Investment Banks and other financial institutions. It caters for all aspects of client revenue tracking from client set up through trade capture to analysis of sales performance.

We have a proven track record in delivering and implementing customised solutions of the Fios in very short timescales. We have successfully implemented in six banks, consolidating global information across many different product lines. We use very experienced resources on every project including a "hands on" partner and analysts/technologists with experience of many similar projects.

Although we will bring best practice functionality and a proven system architecture, naturally some customisation is always required to cater for each client's specific data sources and business rules. We have a proven approach and a flexible architecture which allows us to implement a richer and more robust solution both more quickly and more cheaply than an in-house development. In most cases we can provide a fixed price quote and are confident enough to agree to penalties/incentives versus critical business deadlines.

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