City Fios

Client - Standard Bank International

Project Overview

City Fios were initially asked to work with the Executive Committee of the bank in defining the requirement for client revenue analysis and sales staff performance. This led to a report setting out the principles behind this reporting, high level scope and an implementation plan and business case. The Executive Committee signed off this approach and commissioned City Fios to implement the solution basing it on our proprietary Fios system.

The project covered all business areas including:

  • Global markets
  • Commodities/Resource Banking
  • Banking and Trade Finanace
  • Private Clients - added in 2006

The user base covered all levels of the bank from Firm Management, Division Heads, Desk Heads and individual sales and trading staff. It was also widely used by Finance and the various Business Management functions.

The implementation phase of the project involved:

  • Building interfaces to 6 different front office trading systems to capture transaction data
  • Building an interface to Standard Bank's Client/Legal Entity Data Store
  • Customising the functionality within the Custom toolkit to Standard Bank's requirements
  • Building reference data uploads for items such as staff, FX rates, books etc
  • Developing processes and procedures for capturing low volume data based on our intranet front end or spreadsheet upload
  • Implementing Data Quality Management procedures
  • Report Design and Development (Business Objects)
  • User training