City Fios

Client - Emerging Markets Investment Bank

Business Challenge

Our client had grown quickly through excellent product/sales capability within its core product silos. However as it looked to move to the next level they found that their cross business sales/client MIS was inadequate to manage a growing business.

They identified 5 key client related strategic goals that they could not measure without significantly improved sales MI - these included elements such as focusing on profitable clients and initiating a culture change amongst sales staff so that their performance measurement was consistent with the Bank's strategies and goals.

How City Fios helped

  • City Fios did an initial study working with the client's Executive Committee to identify the functional requirements and technology options
  • We then implemented a solution for the client's international operation which covered all business areas based on our Fios architecture and solution and using Business Objects as our reporting tool
  • We then implemented a further solution for the client's domestic Wholesale Banking operation which we integrated seamlessly with the international solution

Outcome and benefits

  • The client now has a fully integrated global sales/client revenue tracking system which covers all business areas
  • The system is integrated with the client's Customer Legal Entity Database so that a complete revenue picture can be provided at all levels of each customer's organisational hierarchy
  • The client is able to measure performance against all 5 of their key client related strategic goals. These measures then waterfall down to individual sales staff performance measure which are also tracked through the system
  • City Fios have an ongoing relationship with the client providing consultancy support