City Fios



  • The Fios QlikView Front End provides fast, powerful and visual in-memory business analysis without the limitations, cost or complexity of traditional BI tools. QlikView was created by Qliktech with a simple premise: analysis should work the way your mind does. Its intuitiveness means it can be deployed in days and users trained in minutes. Designed specifically for business users, QlikView puts information at your fingertips instantly, giving you the intelligence you need to act faster.
  • We have found that Qlikview is a particularly effective tool for analysing FIOS data. In turn Qliktech have found that the FIOS system data provides an excellent platform for their Qlikview tool. Due to this we have built a FIOS Front End application powered by Qlikview and entered into an agreement where City Fios have exclusivity for all applications of Qlikview on the FIOS database.


  • Since 2004 City Fios have made extensive use of EPAM, as a quality provider of outsourced development services
  • The first project on which we collaborated with EPAM was the redevelopment of Fios on the .Net framework
  • Since then we have continued to use EPAM to help meet client demand for development work, either as part of an initial Fios implementation, or to enhance aspects of the system to changing user requirements