City Fios

For some of our clients we have taken responsibility for running the business processes around the systems we have helped them to implement. Our services include both detailed day-to-day administrative tasks such as processing of data feeds and resolution of data exceptions; as well as value-added services such as proactive data quality validation, complex report development, and resolution of queries from sales and trading users.

We see Managed Services as a major part of our value proposition. We are happy to back (a) our business knowledge in this area and (b) the quality of our system in committing to provide the business and administration support of the system at a fixed price. We see the ability to engage at most detailed level whilst retaining strategic overview as a key success factor for sales performance management systems.

Managed services can be provided in an number of forms:

  • Full Managed Services - full outsourcing of all the business functions around the system including all administration functions and responsibility for overall data quality
  • Managed Services Lite - Client staff and City Fios staff jointly running the administration function, City Fios retain responsibility for overall data quality
  • Knowledge Focused Managed Services - Client staff running administration function. City Fios involvement focused on business and functional knowledge input and retaining an ongoing Quality Assurance role