City Fios

Key Functional Features

  • Trade Value Calculation engine which allows users to select and apply different industry-standard methodologies for calculating Sales Value on client transactions
    • Most typical sales value calculations (simple tariff, interest, NPV, benchmark, accrual; plus Equities metrics such as commission, CSAs in/out, brokerage)
    • ... based on product, tenor, volume, premium/commission, or risk metrics
    • ... which is highly customisable via reference data rather than bespoke coding
  • Data driven API allowing for easy addition and customisation of data feeds and sources
  • Automated feed processing integrated with a workflow management tool for exception resolution      
  • Flexible data structure allows easy management of changes to organisation structure or other key reporting data      
  • Web-based trade capture tools      
  • Query and Edit facilities for trades, budgets, book revenue and capital/balances     
  • A dimension maintenance facility allowing easy editing of reference data including currencies, desks, customers and staff     
  • Additional facilities to upload reference data from spreadsheets and other sources including clients, products, tariffs and mappings      
  • Standard and flexible basis for sales attribution, driven by client, product and trading book/desk
  • Selected Administration functions including:
    • Bulk Update where key characteristics of historic trades can be created based specified selection criteria     
    • Tariff Recalc where old trades can be updated with new tariffs for selected sources, products and time periods
    • Lookups where key reference data items can be derived based on combining other characteristics of the trade     
    • Trade Splitting/Trade Combining facilities based on predefined rules
Key System Features