City Fios

City Fios is a Financial Services Consultancy founded in 1998 by ex-banking professionals.

We work closely with Senior Management in the Securities Industry, helping them to maximise their return on resources including staff, technology spend, or new business investments.

This work can consist of implementing improved management information, organisational restructuring, cost reviews, or business planning and investment reviews.

Our particular focus area is sales revenue tracking information within Investment Banks. Within this area we also provide a software toolkit for managing and producing sales revenue data.

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We provide a comprehensive set of robust, cost-effective and dependable products and services in this area, comprising the following:

Software & Implementation - We have a proven track record in delivering and implementing customised solutions of our core technology product - Fios - in very short timescales.

Consulting - helping our clients optimise their use of management information, e.g. strategic and financial planning, organisational restructuring, investment reviews, etc.

Managed Services- a range of services around the sales function allowing banks to outsource all or some of the administration and QA functions around sales data tracking.

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