City Fios

Client - European Investment Bank

Business Challenge

Our client had restructured its Equities and Financial Markets Divisions into a combined Global Markets Division. As part of this restructure they were refocusing their product strategy on selling high value added structured product to their existing client base.

To successfully implement this strategy they needed to combine their "silo" sales/client tracking systems and ensure that sales performance measurement was aligned with their revised strategy.

How City Fios helped

  • City Fios worked with the client to identify the detailed requirements of a new combined Global Markets sales/client tracking solution using our Fios methodology
  • The project involved working with senior Business Heads to confirm requirements, performing a product by product review of the calculation methods and data sources, and defining the key methods of accessing the data
  • We then produced a detailed scope document which the client used to obtain competitive proposals for the implementation work

Outcome and benefits

  • City Fios produced a detailed implementation plan and proposal for the implementation project based on our Fios architecture and solution
  • We were selected as the chosen vendor and, in partnership with EPAM, implemented the project on a fixed price basis. The project was completed for all business areas on schedule and on budget
  • We are currently working with the client to implement additional functional requirements and add other business areas to the system