City Fios

Management Analysis Front End


Using Qlikview technology we have created a powerful, easy to use Front End to the Fios system. It gives management the ability to review high level data and then by simply clicking on selected data they can drill down into the detail. Different "tabs" of information can be easily created. As the user selects/filters data, each tab is updated with the new filter. Filters can be selectively removed allowing users to drill up, down or sideways through data. Below we illustrate this by showing how a Sales Head might typically navigate through data, or watch the following for a streamed example

Front End View 1Click image to enlarge

Main Overview Screen

In this sample we start with a simple overview of Global Sales performance for the selected period. Users can tab through different views at this level or select an area to analyse further.

Front End View 2Click image to enlarge

Product Against Country

In this case the user tabbed to a more detailed view of the total breakdown of revenue by Customer Region and by Major Product Area. Given the bulk of revenue is in the Financial Markets area, the user can drill down into Financial Markets by simply selecting it on the chart:

Front End View 3Click image to enlarge

Product Against Country Breakdown

This provides a more detailed breakdown of the Financial Markets data - users can scroll through the data or select more detail.

Front End View 4Click image to enlarge

Trade /Sales Against Country

With the Financial Markets filter on, the user can still tab to other views. By holding the mouse over selected parts of a chart users can see further details.

Front End View 5Click image to enlarge

Return To Overview

The user can then return to the overview tab and see the summary for Financial Markets.

Front End View 6Click image to enlarge

Sales Performance

The user can then also review sales performance at a detailed level. In this case the user is reviewing sales staff in the Global Markets Division.

Front End View 7Click image to enlarge

Individual Salesperson Review

The user can select one individual salesperson and the charts will be updated to reflect this.

Front End View 8Click image to enlarge

Trade Information

And then switch to the Trade Info tab to review the key transactions executed by this salesperson. As the tool stores detailed transaction data in memory all of this drilling and analysis can be performed in real time.