City Fios


  • We provide a Management Analysis Front End which allows senior sales managers and business managers to analyse their client/sales performance data. Our front end uses Qlikview technology and allows users the ability to view summary level data and drill down to detailed analysis of client flows and trends. Click here to see samples of the views available
  • We also provide wider access to the data through Reports produced from tools such as QlikView or Business Objects. Click here to see our streamed domostration or click here to see samples of typical Fios reports
  • Within the system we store data such as trades, sales targets, and trading revenues and enrich this data to provide a complete view of a client's business activity. Click here to see more details on the Data Items available
  • Based on many years of experience we have built a Function Rich Application which automates data translation and provides Administrators with the tools required to efficiently manage the processes around the system. Click here to view some of the functionality of the system
  • Underlying the application is a robust and flexible Technical Architecture. Click here for more details