City Fios

We provide business consultancy services to help our clients define what management information they need, and how this information will be integrated into their management processes. We believe that this is critical to the effective implementation of MI systems. The overriding goal should be the creation of a corporate culture of accountability, within which:

  • Individual and team goals are aligned with the business goals of the organisation as a whole
  • Goals are consistent and complementary across teams and business functions (for example, sales production targets are consistent with product strategy within the trading arena)
  • Every individual knows and understands their goals within the organisation, knows which measures relate to these goals, can readily map their progress against these measures, and knows that management will also do this
  • Performance measurement and management information processes and systems are consistent organisation-wide, including the way in which measures and targets are applied within appraisal and remuneration mechanisms

We have performed many Sales MI Requirement Analysis reviews and have developed our own methodology for this type of review - see Link

Consulting services are generally provided as short, focused review exercises with tangible recommendations, or longer-term secondments typically in a business manager/COO role.